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Leading through complexity: the new role of the GC

This was a significant opportunity to reflect on the critical ways in which the role of the GC has transformed over the past several years.  


From taking on leadership responsibility for other functions, to quarterbacking ESG, the complexity of GC challenges and the bandwidth required to succeed have increased almost exponentially over the past five years.


As recommended by members, we further refined the format for these sessions. We had even more engaged discussions, and a greater number of smaller group working sessions.


Session topics included:

  • Managing the expanding portfolio responsibilities of the GC

  • Where do we go with ESG? (small groups)

  • How do we create value for the business today?

  • The people problems - Who do we need on our teams?  Where do we find them?  How do we develop them?  (case study and working groups)

  • Help me solve my issue! (small teams take turns assessing each other’s pressing leadership challenge, and pose solutions)


To view the agenda, please click here.


  • Tom Sabatino; General Counsel, Tenneco; Former GC, Aetna, Hertz, Walgreens, United Airlines, Schering-Plough (Chair of the Vanguard GC Network)

  • Mary Ann Hynes; Senior Counsel, Dentons

  • David Robinson; Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The Hartford


  • Garrick Isert; Vice Chair Vanguard Forum for General Counsels; Executive Coach; past Managing Director General Counsel 50

  • Ken Banta; Founder and Principal, The Vanguard Network




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Leading Through Complexity: The New Role of the General Counsel
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