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Are you ready for ESG?

ESG is shaping up as one of the biggest new business challenges of the decade.

That starts with what ‘Environment, Social and Governance’ means - which could seem like everything.
And then, there are ESG requirements, measurement, incentives and penalties. ESG will be subject to government regulation and investor criteria - but what those will be are tbd, as are the potential benefits and costs of compliance.
This dialogue focused on ESG from a top leader perspective. Every C-Suite leader will soon have ESG accountabilities. This session helped us all determine what they are, and how to respond.

The ESG session was be led by:

  • Sally Curley, a leading expert in ESG and former head of IR st Cardinal Health

  • Brent Wood, EVP of Eastgroup Properties investment trust, where ESG expectations and commitments are at the top of the leadership agenda




Debevoise & Plimpton
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