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Organizational Transformation

The Vanguard Network supports and counsels CEOs and their teams to build high-performance leadership and to execute transformations that create high-performance organizations for the long term. We have deep, extensive, hands-on experience driving major global transformations and turnarounds, with a focus on leadership and building high-performance cultures and organizations.

Our team’s track record includes central leadership roles ranging from commercial operations to human resources to governance to marketing and communications. Our combined experience includes leadership in organizations at all stages of evolution, from startup to legacy corporations.

Accelerating Leadership and High Performance

We work with CEOs and companies from startup to legacy corporations in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and other industries.

While there is no typical project, our involvement is usually initiated by the CEO, COO, or other senior leaders. We’ve helped our clients:

  • Accelerate high performance as they enter new roles or new situations

  • Establish cultural frameworks to equip them for growth and organizational complexity

  • Identify and change systems and behaviors to drive high performance

  • Foster teamwork and more effective leadership

Featured Interviews

A lot of our consulting work is carried out with partners.  Assignments range from helping to transform organizational cultures, to advising CEOs on leadership of their top teams.

What distinguishes all of our work is a collaborative, dialogue-centered approach, often involving external CEOs and C-Suite leaders who bring real-world insights to the work.

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