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Richard Pulik

I get invitations to dozens of professional organizations and events every month. But what rarely happens is candid, peer-to-peer discussion about leadership challenges that really matter. That's why I'm a founding member of the Vanguard CFO Roundtable. It's a uniquely intimate, candid and confidential space to share leadership issues with other CFOs, and help each other find solutions.”


Chief Financial Officer,

Roivant Sciences


Chief Financial Officers across sectors and geographies have growing needs for very high level leadership development, experience-sharing, and networking.


This reflects a variety of converging factors. Among them: the increasing breadth and depth of top leadership responsibilities – versus mainly legal ones; the growing role of CFOs and their departments as business partners; the often confidential nature of the work that can make it difficult to share experiences and seek feedback from C-suite colleagues, and the complexity of CFO, Board, business unit and external stakeholder relationships – and much more.


To some extent, CFO needs are answered by professional associations. However, these association interactions are often heavily focused on professional capabilities, versus leadership, and meetings are often only annual or semi-annual.


The new CFO Network helps to respond to these significant leadership-centered gaps.


The Network holds monthly intimate virtual sessions, where participants work together on immediate challenges and issues for peer feedback and networking. 

  • The sessions run ~60 minutes on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, 2 pm to 3 pm ET

  • Agendas are based on advance input from participants

  • ‘Chatham House’ rules apply. Guests will be at the discretion of the group (e.g. to provide insights on a particular topic).

  • Advisory firms will not be members, but may be invited as guests for specific sessions

  • Vanguard will convene, facilitate and execute follow up materials.

The Network will also include periodic longer sessions on specific topics, typically led by members with particular expertise, and/or invited guests. These may be virtual or face-to-face, as the members decide.  


The CFO Leadership Network Advisory Board has led the way on creating a framework and approach for the Network, so that it is relevant and valuable to fellow executives. The members are:


Vanguard is a unique membership network of senior leaders from across functions and industries in the U.S.  

Vanguard will help to lead, manage and curate the program, including such aspects as:

  • Membership development, recruitment and service

  • Meeting management, agenda setting and moderation, face-to-face and virtual, as appropriate

  • Developing content (e.g. videos and podcasts)

  • Issuing invitations, reminders and notices

  • Handling  follow-up on agenda items with participants and their designees

  • Producing an appropriate record of proceedings, recognizing the needs for confidentiality

  • Operating as a member services team, including making warm introductions, supporting new initiatives requested by members, and creating value-adding linkages with other members of the Vanguard Network



For an initial six month commitment

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