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Vanguard participants have identified a high priority around regular dialogue with peers around immediate critical issues, and a combination of problem solving and networking in a smaller group with strong follow up.

This is important for C-Suite executives, and also for key leaders such as COOs and Chiefs of Staff, who have major responsibility for strategic prioritization and execution.

Based on this feedback, Vanguard is convening a series of Exchanges designed to enable leaders in various roles an opportunity to meet with their peers in regularly scheduled sessions, to discuss common issues, share solutions, and network.  

A General Counsel Exchange is being launched. In tandem with this, we are developing a related Exchange for law department COOs and Chiefs of Staff.


  • Attendees are Law Department COOs, Chiefs of Staff, and similar leaders. Participation is limited to ≈8-10 executives to foster effective dialogue.

  • Vanguard will convene and facilitate the meetings, generate meeting notes and action steps, and follow up to help ensure execution

  • Follow up will include working with the participants to help ensure execution on identified priorities

  • Sessions will  be held monthly and run ≈60-90 minutes, with the appropriate length to be decided by the participants. The participants will be polled regarding the optimal date and time each month.  

  • All aspects of the Exchange are confidential

  • Topics will be submitted in advance by attendees

  • Each session will be handled situationally, ranging from discussion of a number of topics, to several longer modules on issues important to the entire group

  • Additional Exchange groups may be formed as desired

  • All meetings are currently via Zoom


  • Handle technical set up

  • Ken Banta or another senior colleague  will moderate the sessions

  • Vanguard will handle the entire process, including:

    • Maintaining group membership

    • Issuing invitations, reminders and notices

    • Creating an agenda prior to each meeting 

    • Moderating and leading the sessions

    • Handling  follow up on agenda items with participants and their designees

    • Producing an appropriate record of the meeting, recognizing the needs for confidentiality



For an initial six month commitment

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