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Quarterly Vanguard Forum for Life Sciences Leaders

This Forum was presented at the request of several of our Life Sciences Leaders members. We worked on two critical challenges for 2021: What do we need to know about Population Health to enable better therapies, faster AND what should we learn from the COVID 19 vaccines about accelerating development of other products?

Each session was led by fellow Life Sciences Leaders with deep experience in the topics. Cameron Durrant, Chairman/CEO Humanigen, Inc. was be the Forum Chair.


Session leaders for the mini-forums are highly experienced Life Sciences Leaders, board members, and top leadership experts. 
Advisory board members help us plan the forum agendas, which focus on the topics most important to Life Sciences Leaders. Board members include:

  • Carrie Cox, Chairman of the Board, NewCo

  • Cameron Durrant, Chairman and CEO, Humanigen

  • Amber Edwards, Chief Commercial Officer, Alastin Inc.

  • Vivek Ramaswamy, Founder and CEO, Roivant Sciences

  • Davidi Vortman, CEO, OnSight Medical


  • The role of the GC in transforming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from rhetoric into reality


As at the recent Forum for GCs, we’ll break into small groups to look closely at the issue, this time focusing on the practical question of what works and what doesn’t, based on participants' experience.

And we will explore the role of GCs around DEI: do we have a special mission to enable the total enterprise to do what is right in these areas, or should we be focusing on our own function?


  • Leading the response to the new U.S. administration


Enormous amounts of analysis and forecasting are being done around the business implications of the Biden presidency. But this session will focus on the GC's role, and on what pragmatic steps GCs will need to take to prepare for and respond to the coming changes.

How do we think about the regulatory, legal and societal impacts, and how our companies should respond? What are areas where we need to be proactive, and where should we be less so? If we have an office or representation in Washington, how do we get the most from it?




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