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How Do I Join a Board?

The pandemic has forced countless executives and leaders to reevaluate their professional goals… and for some, allowed the time for additional education and certification opportunities in support of this. But what about those interested in joining their first Board or serving on additional Boards? What is the proper path and packaging for modern-day Board Directors to get noticed to land coveted and compensated seats?


Preparing for your Board career is nothing like applying for other roles, and aspiring as well as experienced Directors need to know this. As an example, you don't submit a standard resume, CV, or professional bio; most successful Board Candidates have a crafted package including proper Board Documents. Establishing your authority and successfully marketing yourself in the Board vertical is paramount - but how do you get there?


In this latest Vanguard session, Mark A. Pfister of M. A. Pfister Strategy Group, and Ken Banta of the Vanguard Network, will be talking about the do's and dont's of getting on a Board. It will all be based on their pragmatic experience working with hundreds of Boards and aspiring, as well as experienced, Board Directors-- no theories, no PowerPoints, only real-world expertise.

Among the Topics:

  • Top mistakes Board Candidates make 

  • Trending pivots for the COVID-age Board

  • Creating your Board Director Identity & Board Documents 

  • How to nail Board Director interviews 

  • Heeding the Board’s observables in your decisioning process

  • Establishing your authority and successfully marketing yourself 

As always, this Vanguard session will be intimate, interactive, pragmatic, and confidential.


Also, Ken and Mark will introduce a unique education and certification program for honing Board-getting skills, Board operations knowledge, all while simultaneously earning your International Board Director Competency Designation (IBDC.D) certification.



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