Vanguard members have identified a high priority around regular dialogue with peers around immediate critical issues, and a combination of problem solving and networking in a smaller group with strong follow up.

Based on this feedback, Vanguard is convening a series of Executive Roundtables designed to enable C-Suite Executives in various disciplines an opportunity to meet with their peers in regularly scheduled sessions, to discuss common issues, share solutions, and network.  

The inaugural Roundtable will  be for General Counsels


  • Attendees are General Counsels. Participation is limited to ≈8-10 GCs to foster effective dialogue

  • Vanguard will convene and facilitate the meetings, generate meeting notes and action steps, and follow up to help ensure execution

  • Follow-up will include working with designated members of the GCs team, e.g. COO or Chief of Staff, to help ensure execution on identified priorities

  • Sessions will  be held monthly and run ≈60-90 minutes, with the appropriate length to be decided by the participants.  The GCs will be polled regarding the optimal date and time each month.  

  • All aspects of the Roundtable are confidential

  • Topics will be submitted in advance by attendees

  • Each session will be handled situationally, ranging from discussion of a number of topics, to several longer modules on issues important to the entire group

  • Additional Roundtable  groups may be formed as desired

  • All meetings are currently via Zoom


  • Handle technical set up

  • Ken Banta or another senior colleague  will moderate the sessions

  • Vanguard will handle all of the Roundtable process, including

    • Maintaining group membership

    • Issuing invitations, reminders and notices

    • Creating an agenda prior to each meeting 

    • Moderating and leading the sessions

    • Handling  follow up on agenda items with GCs and their designated executives

    • Producing  a record of the meeting


$1,200 per month

For an initial six month commitment