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We are introducing a new benefit for Vanguard members.  Designed to enable you to take greater advantage of Vanguard’s extensive resources, this new benefit will help you to maximize the value of your network with other Vanguard members, and to create customized events and original content.

Vanguard Member Services run from warm introductions to other members, to Vanguard curated and led leadership sessions built around your agenda and target attendees.


Intrigued, but not quite sure how we can help you? Contact us below. We invite your comments and suggestions on how we can make this service more useful to you. 


These services are included in the Vanguard membership fees.


Access to our 400+ member network

Members of the network are vetted and invited by Vanguard or existing members. All have been identified as  high-performance leaders.


Warm introductions

Sometimes reaching out on our member portal may not be the right channel. We’re happy to make introductions between members.

Curated content

Our library of high performance leadership topics and dialogues is available for you to use to inspire and guide your teams.

Vanguard Social Hours

An opportunity to network with like-minded high-performance leaders.

Invitation to monthly events

In-person and online dialogues, forums and simulations tailored to hone high performance leadership and tackle the most current issues facing C-Suite leaders.

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Custom services attract an additional fee from Vanguard on top of event expenses. These services include:

Development and arrangement of custom meetings

It can be hard to get the right people in the room - we  can help make that happen.

Creation of roundtables and panel discussions, arranged around your agenda

The Vanguard Network is known for the quality of its leadership dialogues. We leverage our experience to  produce meaningful sessions around your agenda. 

Working with you, we will help

  • Develop a topic

  • Create an invitation list

  • Select a venue or virtual set-up

  • Arrange catering and any technical requirements

  • Provide a facilitator for your meeting

  • Help with registration and event management

Vanguard can also arrange social and “get to know you” events - these can range from Leadership retreats, group drinks and dinner, lunch, weekend events for members and spouses.

Ready to get in touch? Contact us below.


For more information, suggestions, or to find the right service, please fill out the form below.

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