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Ad Council

This Ad Council briefing on April 14, 2021 addressed the willingness to be vaccinated by the public at large and showed that young Black Americans had lower rates of intention to be vaccinated. They have released the audience insights from their research for the general population, for Black Americans and for Hispanic Americans. In response, they developed these message recommendations, which includes a set of simple “do’s and don’ts” and this set of frequently asked questions.

Intellus Health Literate Mask Posters

These posters are health literate messages about proper mask wearing, translated into 27 languages. They are available at no charge at: Health Literacy Initiative's PSA: Cover Your Nose and Mouth Posters in 27 Languages to Use and Share (


NFID COVID Communications Tool Kit

The NFID  COVID-10 Communications Tool Kit helps promote prevention measures and vaccine confidence.  It includes shareable videos, social media graphics, and frequently asked questions.


Pandemic Action Network

The Pandemic Action Network drives collective action to bring an end to Covid-19 globally. It is a collaborative effort on the part of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), non-profits, and companies to drive public policy, amplify communications, and influence behavior change.  The group meets twice monthly via Zoom, welcomes new members, and does not require dues.


Newristics, America, Vaccinated!

America, Vaccinated! is a special report developed by Newristics. It provides an overview of the value of behavioral science insights in health care, focusing on messages that change behavior. It is targeted to employers and offers a variety of ways that employers can over come barriers to vaccination with employees and customers. It offers a deeper dive into the rationale and concerns of vaccine hesitant or resistant people and offers ways to address those.

SEAN COVID-19 Survey Archive (

The Societal Experts Action Network (SEAN) is an archive of pandemic-related surveys available via the open-access SEAN COVID-19 Survey Archive, with full-text search and retrieval of individual questions and related materials.

This project was convened by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, and funded by the National Science Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, to connect policymakers with critical social, behavioral, and economic research into the pandemic and to share that research with a wider audience. 

The Archive includes more than 1,000 pandemic-related surveys from the United States and 35 other countries, with more than 14,000 survey questions and thousands of project files, including analyses, data tables, questionnaires, and datasets. Weekly SEAN COVID-19 summaries are available for sign up here.

Vaccinate 4 Love

Click here to view the Vaccinate 4 Love website.


LexisNexis Risk Solutions COVID-19 Data Insights Map: Click here to view

G3 Life Sciences

G3 Life Sciences is global team of experts working to make a positive change in patients' lives through culturally nuanced language services and state-of-the-art technologies. We are a woman-owned company that works with a variety of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and medical organizations on compassionate and accessible solutions; we have special teams dedicated to handle COVID-related work to help scale and ensure urgency and quality. 


In addition to providing pro-bono translations for the Intellus Health Literacy Initiative's COVID-19 safety mask posters in 27 languages, G3 regularly provides research and articles on health inequalities, vaccine hesitancy, and more, available for no charge online. Click here to view them. 


To request a quote for translation, localization, accessibility services, patient engagement solutions and more, get in touch with us here.


Imagine a "Jeopardy-meets-COVID" set of multiple-choice trivia games. Everything people should know, but don't, arranged so that they can teach themselves about the importance of getting vaccinated, rather than be scolded for not getting one. All questions have a "Learn More" link for employees who want more information...and are authorized to carry the Harvard Medical School logo, for added credibility. They can also share questions with their friends and relatives.

Try a sample set of 6 questions here, including a COVID question. Then contact

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