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Understanding your audience, and using language that resonates with them, is important in any communication -- and critical when it comes to vaccination. Psychographics expert Casey Albertson of PatientBond, demonstrates how to motivate behavior, from "self achievers" to "willful endurers."


The conversation with Casey Albertson is available in three formats. Access each format by clicking below.


These slides describe the five psychographic segments PatientBond identified in their research, the likelihood each segment will receive a COVID-19 vaccination, the concerns about the vaccine, messages that would encourage each segment to be vaccinated and those they trust as information sources.

Additional information on their segmentation approach is available at: Patient Bond, a Digital Healthcare Patient Engagement Platform.

PatientBond is available to conduct psychographic segmentation studies within companies and organizations to inform Covid-19 vaccination programs. Please contact


Download/view all resources below (click icons to download/view).

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