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A firm belief that "we all deserve to live and work in a vaccinated environment," led John Moore to mandate vaccination for residents and staff of Atria Senior Living. Getting there required both courage and strategic communication, especially to younger employees, "who just don't have the muscle memory of vaccines saving the world."


The conversation with John Moore is available in three formats. Access each format by clicking below.


Sleeve Up Campaign Materials 2020-2021 (PowerPoint version): Download here.


These slides provide photos and examples of campaign materials, including apparel, break room posters, and social media posts. The  Sleeve Up employee video shows Atria employees describing why they were vaccinated and Photos from various vaccine clinics show Atria’s employees striking their “Rosie the Riveter” pose.

Download/view all resources below (click icons to download/view).

For more resources and assistance in planning your campaign, please contact us below. You can also browse further campaigns here
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