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Vaccination resistance and hesitancy are critical barriers to overcoming COVID. The Center for Sustainable Health Care, has created a powerful communications toolkit, designed to motivate vaccination especially in underserved populations. Dr. Laura Lee Hall presents these comprehensive resources, and how they can be used to boost vaccination rates.


The conversation with Dr. Laura Lee Hall is available in three formats. Access each format by clicking below.


NMQF produces a Health Champions Tool Kit with downloadable social media materials, celebrity video endorsements, infographics and other resources in both English and Spanish. The tool kit was developed in collaboration with Black and Spanish-speaking communities and is suitable for use by non-medical community members and leaders.


The site also includes their top recommended resources for Black and for Spanish-language populations. In addition, NMQF produces a COVID-19 Index (, a powerful new tool designed to prepare communities for future waves of coronavirus.   

For more resources and assistance in planning your campaign, please contact us below. You can also browse further campaigns here
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