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Vanguard Leadership Dialogues are interactive webinars featuring top business leaders and leadership experts discussing vital issues with Network members—who are encouraged to ask questions directly and weigh in with their own experience. These online events share the Forums’ intimacy, informality and intense focus on top-level leadership.


Currently, as the global crisis continues to unfold, Vanguard is presenting a series of Leadership Dialogues focused on Leading Through Uncertainty. Sessions are held approximately every two weeks.


Dinners and

Members may also sign up for exclusive Vanguard Dinners and other events.


Vanguard Dinners are private gatherings of a leading faculty member, and a small group of members, for dialogue around a key leadership topic.


Dinner faculty have ranged from Robert Langer, Institute Professor at MIT and global authority on innovation, to Thomas Cueni, Director General of the IFPMA.



Vanguard Network members become part of Vanguard Connect, the program’s private, online networking and leadership education platform.

Vanguard Connect offers a virtual forum for interacting with both fellow members and our stellar faculty, And it delivers informative and insightful articles, podcasts and videos, both original and curated, about meeting the challenges of high-level leadership.

For more information or to request an invite, please use the form on our Contact page.

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