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Every session helps me either with a new insight on 

how to do my job better, or it gives me strength 

to know that my peers share a common problem or 



Former General Counsel

The Hartford


Deputy General Counsel and other Senior In-House Counsel hold important and challenging leadership positions. They support and advise not only the GC but also other members of the C-suite and, sometimes, the Board. At the same time, Senior Counsels are business partners with the rest of the enterprise and have their own teams to lead.


However, as we have heard from many of these leaders and their GCs, there are often very limited opportunities to discuss these leadership challenges with each other or to explore them with experts.


To respond to these needs, The Vanguard Network is launching a new Senior In-House Counsel Exchange.


This Exchange draws on the successful models of Vanguard’s existing Exchanges for GC, Life Sciences CEOs, and Chief Sustainability Officers. 


As with these Exchanges, the Senior Counsel Exchange will be an intimate conversation among peers on leadership topics that really matter to them–from building Executive Presence to time and priority management, growing their EQ, and being a valued business partner.


The conversations will be catalyzed during 90-minute, monthly virtual meetings of the participants, then extended and reinforced via leadership content (videos, podcasts), side conversations, and other elements. 


As the participants determine, outside contributors may be periodically invited to join the discussion. Examples of such contributors can range from GCs to external stakeholders, to CEOs, to behavioral psychologists–any perspective or experience that can enrich the participants’ leadership.


Among the Exchange's valuable outputs are monthly playbooks summarizing the key takeaways from the leadership conversations. The playbook content is non-attributed, in line with the Chatham House Rules principles applied to all aspects of the Exchange.


Vanguard manages all aspects of the program and moderates the ongoing conversations, applying the expertise it has developed in over a decade of working with hundreds of top executives on leadership programming.


Participation is selective, including concurrence by the GC/CLO to whom the Senior Counsel reports. More than one Senior Counsel from an organization may participate in the Exchange, provided that the respective GC/CLO agrees.


The Exchange will launch on Thursday, July 18, 2024, and the 90-minute virtual meetings will then run monthly.


The initial commitment to the Exchange is six months, renewable thereafter.


Seats for the Exchange are capped at 20. Additional cohorts can be formed based on demand.


  • The participation fee is $5,000 for the six-month period.

If you'd like more information, please contact Tony Powe at

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