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Our existing programs can be tailored to work internally with organizations.


CEO & C-suite

Customized programs to yield high-performance amongst C-suite leaders within a company or across a portfolio of companies or global teams using the Vanguard Forum and Roundtable model.

Next Generation C-suite

Generating high-performance and a better understanding of the next Generation C-suite. Customized for enterprises using our tried and tested Next Generation C-suite modules.

High-Potential New Hires

Accelerating the success of high-potential new employees in your enterprise. Cohorts of twelve to twenty high-potential new hires (in their first five years) join a 14-week curriculum to explore the nuances of leadership and how to achieve high-performance, productivity and success in the workplace. (Can also be integrated in to an existing internship program).

Business Development

Add value and create even stronger relationships with clients and potential clients. Executives from your company engage with 10-25 clients and/or prospects in customized Vanguard sessions, working on leadership issues that matter most to them.

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