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The Vanguard Network helps current and future senior leaders transform themselves and their organizations by

building high-performance leadership.


The Vanguard Network supports senior executives as they build high-performance organizations and take their leadership, and their teams, to higher levels. We also help top leaders develop a meaningful sense of purpose and culture that will deliver results for their organization — and catalyze change when needed.


The Vanguard community is a by-invitation network for senior leaders.  Become a member to fine-tune your leadership, and build new relationships, to keep growing, to keep thriving. Join the community for top leadership discussions, networking, rich content and customized resources.


Are you a high potential leader in college, graduate school, or in your early career?  Do you know someone who is? Then, our New Leaders program may be just right. The program introduces critical leadership challenges to select groups of high-performance aspiring leaders and creates a supportive and niche accelerated learning environment.

Tom Sabatino

“One quality sets apart successful companies and successful executives: high-performance leadership. 


Developing great leaders, and supporting their work, is where the Vanguard team really excels.”

Tom Sabatino

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Rite Aid

Past GC, Tenneco, Aetna, Hertz, Walgreens, United Airlines, Schering-Plough


General Counsel Forum
Looking around corners in 2024: what GCs need to know.
Oct 23, 2023, 12 pm to 6 pm CT
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