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The New Leaders Program will inspire you to build your unique leadership capabilities, engage in challenging conversations that will hone your edge, and become a leader of tomorrow."


Co-creator of New Leaders;

Innovation Consultant, EuroMonitor

Hult University, Double Masters in Business


Are you a high potential leader in college, graduate school, or in your early career?  Do you know someone who is? Then the Vanguard Network New Leaders program may be just right.

The New Leaders Program introduces critical leadership challenges to select groups of high-performance aspiring leaders. The program creates a supportive and niche accelerated learning environment. Through our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are bringing together individuals from an array of backgrounds and experiences. Beyond carefully crafted leadership modules, fireside chats,  roundtable discussions, and case studies, participants will hear from a wide range of guest module leaders – from CEOs to young entrepreneurs. You will have access to a high level of interaction in an intimate small group setting with like-minded professionals.


Interactive. Pragmatic. Impactful. Real-world.  These are words that distinguish New Leaders, and set this program apart.

The New Leaders Program is powered by the Vanguard Network. Since 2014, Vanguard has been a unique leadership and networking enterprise for C-suite executives and future top leaders. The Network’s trademarks are pragmatic, real-world leadership dialogue, vigorous engagement, and a policy of no podiums, no PowerPoint. 


The New Leaders Program harnesses the  power of The Vanguard Network’s C-suite leadership expertise to accelerate the success of the next generation of young leaders – while engaging them in meaningful networks across today’s globally connected world. 

Here’s what 100% of our 2021 alums had to say

  • Program provided key insights for their professional growth

  • New Leaders played a major role in shaping their career goals

  • Would recommend the New Leaders Program to others


Development of The New Leaders Program began in early 2021, on the recommendation of a number of Vanguard Network C-Suite members who said that pragmatic leadership development for high potential college and graduate students was a ‘missing link’ in their development.


Based on this input, Vanguard Network CEO Ken Banta created a team to conceptualize what became New Leaders, led by Emily Jiang, past strategy consultant, and now MBA candidate at Kellog.  The project included obtaining feedback from numerous Vanguard senior members, and a special seven-member advisory group that included young leaders across various sectors, roles, and geographies.


Then, Vanguard entrusted most of the program creation work to Vanguard Associate Andres Feng, then an MBA candidate at Hult University in Boston (Andres is now Innovation Consultant at EuroMonitor). Andres' leadership helped to ensure the relevance of the program to the New Leader cohort of college and graduate students.


New Leaders launched in November 2021 with an inaugural series of six modules including some 20 participants from the U.S., Europe and the Middle East.  The modules were  moderated by Andres, and featured senior module leaders including Gary Lee, Social Entrepreneur,  former Washington Post correspondent, and DEI champion; Emily Jiang, Equity Alliance Consultant; and Paulo Oliviera, Founder of Alma Mundus, an ESG impact advisory team. 


We explored topics such as; “Leadership in Practice: The Essential Skills to Thrive Today”, "Multicultural Networking: Embracing Diversity and Cross-cultural Understanding", and "ESG Leadership: the Role of New Leaders in Driving Long-term Sustainable Strategies in the Future". 

Abeer Kibria.jpeg


Marketing Consultant, Dubai

Manager, Vanguard Network

Hult University MSc.

I learned a lot about applying emotional intelligence through New Leaders, and also I had unusual opportunities to lead program development. New Leaders is a tremendous experience for every younger individual who aims to make a positive mark in the world.

Michael Chen


Sustainability Engagement Associate, Meta 

Associate Program Manager, The Vanguard Network

Hult University MBA

New Leaders has developed new capabilities for me that make me a better colleague and leader at work. 

My role co-creating the 2023 program, and the coaching by Vanguard principals, were really important to my securing my new role at Meta.

Ling Ling Chen


Concert Pianist

Marketing Consultant

MBA Candidate

I secured an MBA Summer Internship with TikTok. It is largely thanks to everyone's wisdom through New Leaders, including Ken Banta’s  thoughts on my resume and cover letter as well as tips on reaching out to alumni instead. Vanguard has helped me a lot and I look forward to helping future leaders too!


The core of this program will start on February 22, 2023, and is anticipated to run through the end of April, 2023. The program contains 7, 90-minute, virtual modules taking place on a mid-week day in the evening. Sessions will contain 15-20 participants, and will be led by highly senior as well as earlier-stage executives from across sectors. The modules are highly interactive, pragmatic, and real-world focused. Much of the leadership learning comes through the work of the participants amongst one another, including in small group breakouts.

Each module is built around real-world leadership challenges. Participants are expected to attend all New Leaders-related events and lectures and complete all assigned tasks. You will have significant opportunities  to network and speak with module leaders, and to participate in round-table discussions and case studies. 

“Leadership is learnable. And today more than ever, leadership drives success.”

Ken Banta, CEO, The Vanguard Network 



Orientation and onboarding: What makes a new leader?

Ken Banta &

The Vanguard Team


Is personal development more important than professional development for career success?

Vas Nair


Why will emotional intelligence make you a better leader?

Matt Meyer


You might think you're  a team player – but are you?

Jae Henderson


How do you succeed in your future career – while making the world a better place?

Gena Cox


Will your personal brand make you sink or swim?

Michael Watras


How will you succeed now that you've got the job?

Lois Stalford Freeman &

Ken Banta



is Founder and CEO of The Vanguard Network, and originator of New Leaders. 


Ken has led Vanguard since 2014, building a membership of ~14,000 C-Suite executives.  Previously, Ken was part of the leadership teams executing eleven global enterprise reinventions and transformations. 


He has advised on many more at Vanguard.   Ken is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review.

Ken Banta.jpg


is Associate Principal with the Vanguard Network.


Vas is a highly experienced leadership development advisor and coach.


Previously Vas was Global CHRO of Alcoa and Arconic, and played a senior HR role in a series of major company transformations.

Vas Nair


previously served as a senior executive at Citibank, with responsibility for the onboarding and development of incoming young executives. 


Lois plays a key role leading the New Leaders Program, and as an advisor for all of the Vanguard Network.

Lois Freeman


is an advisor on brand building and management. 


Jae also has strong experience in new product development and marketing. 


Currently Jae also serves as Board Chair of the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Jae Henderson.jpg


is chief business advisor for life sciences at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR), the leading technology law firm. 


Based in San Francisco, Matthew leads the firm's life science business advisory practice—a recently formed, innovative resource aimed at providing start-up and emerging life sciences companies with business insights, capabilities, and strategies.

Matt Meyer.jpg


is the author of Leading Inclusion, her new book setting out an action-based blueprint for senior leaders to make DEI a reality in their organization. 


Gena advises enterprises and individual executives on how they can create the culture their employees deserve. 


Gena has worked with organizations ranging from global technology to social impact, to colleges and universities.

Gena Cox.jpg
Michael Watras.jpg


is the Chairman and CEO of Straightline, the leading global branding and strategy company based in New York and London. 


A respected industry thought leader and trusted advisor to C-level executives worldwide, Michael has been strengthening brands and businesses for over twenty-five years.

Michael launched Straightline in 1996 and has taken a leading role in all client relationships, including Walgreens, Pfizer, Wyndham, Bausch + Lomb, Xerox, HCA, T-Mobile, Chrysler, Madison Square Garden, TE Connectivity, and Thomson Reuters. Previously founder of CGI, the global corporate communications and investor relations giant, his clients included British Airways, Chase Manhattan Bank, and Pfizer.


  • Alejandro Gits, Boortbalt, CE Project Manager

  • Ben Moxham, Camberwell Energy, Managing Partner

  • Caroline Press, Senior Production Editor, Penguin Young Readers

  • Gary Lee, Senior Writer-Editor, CEO

  • Kathleen Murphy, Murphy Media Partners, Senior Strategic Advisor, CEO

  • Kim Yapchai, Tenneco, Senior Vice President, Chief Environmental, Social & Governance Officer

  • Lois Stalford Freeman, Vanguard Network, Senior Advisor New Leaders Program

  • Matt Meyer, Wilson Sonsini, Chief client corporate development advisor

  • Michael Watras, Straightline International, CEO and Chairman

  • Viq Pervaaz, Previously EY Partner, Partner, Life Sciences

*Other individuals have also provided important advice and counsel, which are gratefully acknowledged.


To participate in the program:

  • You are a current Junior/Senior in college, or in Graduate School, or a recent graduate with fewer than three years of job experience

  • You have demonstrated potential to benefit from the program

  • You will be an active contributor to the New Leader conversations 

  • You are ready to commit to the virtual modules and independent work sessions through the duration of the program

  • You will have meaningful leadership experience, ideally in a for-profit or social impact enterprise

  • You aspire to be a leader of the future


If you are  interested in the New Leaders Program, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with more information on the next steps.  Seats for February are limited to 20 places.  


Registration fees are tiered as follows:

  • Individuals paying their own way: $500 or less based on resources

  • Individuals sponsored by their college/university: $950

  • Individuals in their 1st- 3rd year in a job, paying their own way: $950

  • Individuals in their 1st-3rd year in a job, sponsored by their employer: $1,800


For college and graduate school students.

For young professionals with less than three years work experience.


If you are interested in purchasing multiple seats in our program as a college, university or a company, please email us at for more information.