The New Leaders Program Concept

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The New Leaders Program will inspire you to build your unique leadership capabilities, engage in challenging conversations that will hone your edge, and become a leader of tomorrow.


Beyond carefully crafted leadership modules, fireside chats,  roundtable discussions, and case studies, participants will hear from a vast range of guest session leaders – from CEOs, to young entrepreneurs.  You will have access to a high level of interaction in an intimate small group setting.


The New Leaders Program (NLP) will introduce complex problems to a select group of individuals with 0-5 years of business or undergraduate experience, creating a supportive and niche accelerated learning environment. We are steadfast to our commitment to diversity and inclusion and bringing together individuals from all backgrounds and experiences.

Our first program consisted of 6 sessions over 8 weeks led by our team and an array of guest session leaders. Among them:  Gary Lee, Social Entrepreneur, Former Washington Post correspondent, and DEI champion; Emily Jiang, Equity Alliance Consultant; and Paulo Oliviera. Founder of Alma Mundus.


We explored topics such as; “Leadership in Practice: The Essential Skills to Thrive Today”, "Multicultural Networking: Embracing Diversity and Cross-cultural Understanding", and "ESG Leadership: the Role of New Leaders in Driving Long-term Sustainable Strategies in the Future".


The Vanguard Network is a unique leadership and networking enterprise for C-Suite executives and future top leaders. The Network’s trademarks are pragmatic, real-world leadership dialogue, vigorous engagement, and a policy of no podiums, no PowerPoint.


The New Leaders Program harnesses the unique power of The Vanguard Network’s C-Suite expertise to accelerate the success of the next generation of young leaders – while engaging them in meaningful networks across today’s globally connected world.


Leadership is learnable, and it is growing evidently more relevant in order to be successful in the business world.

The NLP is a five-week program, with each session derived from real-world challenges that effective leaders address. Sessions will run for  90 minutes to 2 hours, with a 2 - 3 hour weekly commitment outside of virtual sessions.


Participants are expected to attend all NLP related events and lectures, and complete all assigned tasks. You will be given sufficient time to network and speak with all guests in addition to participation in round-table discussions and case studies. The NLP will be conducted virtually, allowing you full range to engage with session leaders as well as your cohort with candor and comfort.


A guide to new age leadership


Harnessing emotional intelligence in the new age of leadership


Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace


Leading ethically in the current climate


How to start your career as a new leader


The NLP will begin in the second week of September 2022 and run for five weeks.


The founders, senior advisors and program leaders are a combination of highly experienced senior executives, younger leaders, and college and university high potentials. 

Our two program leaders, Abeer Kibria and Michael Chen, were participants in the first iteration of the NLP earlier in 2022.  They empathize with many of your personal and professional goals, and will be facilitating the NLP conversations.  Abeer and Michael will also be accessing for you the extensive resources of leaders and content in The Vanguard Network

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Program Co-Lead

Master in International Business

Hult Business School

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Program Co-Lead

Master in Business Administration

Hult Business School


  • Lois Freeman, Retired Citigroup Executive     

  • Andres Feng, Innovation Consultant, EuroMonitor; Co-founder of the NLP

  • Alejandro Gits, Craft Global Digital Project Manager, Boortmalt

  • Emily Jiang, Consultant, Equity Alliance

  • Ken Banta, Founder and CEO, The Vanguard Network


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