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Looking to join your first or additional Boards? Our colleagues at

M. A. Pfister Strategy Group have just the thing for you.

Learn the proven and effective steps for not only modern-day Board operations, but also successfully plan and implement your personal Board Director Candidate strategy. Experience how these achievable & focused efforts help you convey the experience and confidence needed for serious Board Director and Board Advisor consideration. Education & Certification Course is designed for any stage of your career and any level of Board experience (aspiring to experienced).

As is the case in any industry, the Board Director vertical has specific requirements that are a must to land coveted Board seats. Most aspiring as well as experienced Directors approach Board Directorship opportunities in much the same way they would apply for a job - this is a big mistake. Even when working with an executive / Board search or placement agency, packaging yourself properly first is a must! The fact is that both aspiring and experienced Board Directors of all ages are still in high demand, however, if you are not viewed as having 'next-gen Director' qualities and haven’t properly packaged yourself for serious consideration, your chances of appointment are greatly minimized. Remember, the key to landing additional or your first Board seat is in your packaging... Make the effort to do it right.

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Who benefits from this Education & Certification Course?


looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of Board operations, decisioning processes, and structures. 


with the desire to increase their own knowledge above what they have experienced as well as elevate and apply modern concepts to the Boards they serve.


(aspiring to experienced) looking to fully understand modern Board Director Candidate ‘packaging’and marketing to land additional or their first Board seat(s).

For Aspiring & Experienced Directors. Download the course details & curriculum.

Let’s make you an exceptional Board Director candidate today!

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Internationally recognized

Get both the modern Board Director Candidate packaging AND modern Board operations knowledge all in one shot while ALSO earning your globally recognized International Board Director Competency Designation (IBDC.D) certification.

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Are you ready to get started?

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