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Fine-tune your leadership, and build new relationships, to keep growing,
to keep thriving.

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Orlan Boston
EY Americas ESG Markets Leader; Senior Partner, Health Sciences & Wellness, EY

Vanguard is like the Harvard Business Review come to life. But with a chance to ask questions, discuss alternatives and share opinions."

Leading at the top

Top leadership demands special capabilities, from seeing around corners, to refined EQ, to an ability to apply situational leadership, and much more.

The Vanguard Network uniquely convenes top leadership peers to talk about mastering the real-world challenges of their roles, in an intimate, pragmatic fashion. Through their engagement, Vanguard members also develop important relationships with fellow leaders that cut across sectors and roles.

Senior leaders can join the Network by clicking on the application link below.

Guided Explorations

of real-world leadership challenges, focused on the capabilities needed to take your leadership to the next level. 

Connections and

Candid Discussion

with other top-level leaders that will broaden your understanding of what it takes to succeed.

An Expanding Network of leading executives — a critical success factor for the top leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Fresh Ideas, Insights, and Approaches

that — through you — will infuse your organization.

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Ashley McEvoy
Board Member, Procter & Gamble

The intimate dialogue fostered between delegates and faculty during the Vanguard sessions is an important part of broadening top executives’ understanding of the rapidly evolving marketplace."

There are three primary ways that members engage in the Vanguard Network.

The Vanguard Forums for Leaders 

Members are invited to our signature Forums which may be digital or face-to-face. Forums run from two to eight sessions, over several hours, to a full day. Each session is a dynamic, interactive dialogue among session leaders and participants, often including small group work on a case study or leadership dilemma.


Recent Forums have included sessions on Taking DEI from Rhetoric to Reality, Creating the Right Workplace for the Future, and Leading the Way on ESG.

Vanguard Leadership Dialogues

Members have priority access to our regular online Leadership Dialogues (seats are capped). Typically running 90 minutes in length, the Dialogues generate a fast-paced conversation among participants and Dialogue leaders. 


Topics have ranged from “My Three Biggest Mistakes” to “Dos and Don’t’s of  Working with Today’s Board.”   Philips Board member David Pyott, serial General Counsel and board member Mary Ann Hynes, and bioethicist Art Caplan, are among the many featured Dialogue leaders.

Vanguard Connect

Members can utilize Vanguard Connect, our online platform that holds a rich array of videos, podcasts and Q&A pieces drawn from the various Vanguard sessions. 


Members also can take advantage of Vanguard Member Services.  Member Services offers a concierge approach to requests ranging from a warm introduction to members and session leaders, to creating customized roundtables and dialogues on special leadership topics, with curated participants.

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Stephen Morales
Managing Director, Optimity Advisors

I love to engage at Vanguard with other leaders on some of the most pressing issues on our agendas.  And the execution of the programs is phenomenal."


Network membership is open to C-suite and other senior-level executives. 

Join the Vanguard Network for top leadership discussions, networking,

rich content and customized resources.

Tony Powe
Chief Operating Officer
+ 1 646 573 5271
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