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to take your leadership and your organization to the next level.

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A Vanguard program is like the Harvard Business Review come to life. But with a chance to ask questions, discuss alternatives and share opinions

What Leadership Requires

Superior leadership is both the essential foundation for high performance in an organization and the driving force that sustains it over time. The Vanguard Network fosters superior leadership through an array of exclusive program benefits, all centered on connecting its members with one another — and with our distinguished faculty of CEOs, board members, and other leadership experts — to talk frankly about real-world challenges and solutions for top leaders.

Senior leaders can join the Network by clicking on the application link below.

The Challenge for Leaders

Even before the seismic disruptions 2020, the global business ecosystem was changing at an ever-accelerating pace. As a result, running or helping to run a high-performance organization keeps getting more complicated.

Anyone who has risen to the C-suite, or to have it in their sites, is likely already a top performer. But no one reaches those heights fully prepared to meet all the demands of senior leadership, which never stop expanding. 


It’s a lot. 

Guided Explorations

of real-world leadership challenges, focused on the capabilities needed to take your leadership to the next level. 

Connections and

Candid Discussion

with other top-level leaders that will broaden your understanding of what it takes to succeed.

An Expanding Network of leading executives — a critical success factor for the top leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Fresh Ideas, Insights, and Approaches

that — through you — will infuse your organization.

We understand the pressures and challenges that come with being a high-performing leader. That’s why we created the Vanguard Network.

There are three primary ways to engage in the Vanguard Network.

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The Vanguard Forums for Leaders 

Members receive invitations to — and significant discounts on — our signature one-to-two-day events, which may be digital or face-to-face. In six to eight dynamic, interactive sessions, faculty and delegates share their experiences of, and insights into, real-world leadership challenges in a particular industry or job function.

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Vanguard Leadership Dialogues

Members are guaranteed registration access to our online Leadership Dialogues (seats are capped) with CEOs, C-suite leaders and other leadership experts, as well as access to a members-only archive of past Dialogues. Dialogues are generally held every two to three weeks.

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Vanguard Connect

Members have access to Vanguard Connect, our private, online platform that offers networking with other members including Vanguard faculty, and that regularly publishes fresh modules of leadership-learning material, including insights from faculty members, podcasts and curated articles.

Ashley McEvoy
Executive Vice President & Worldwide Chairman Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson

The intimate dialogue fostered between delegates and faculty during the Vanguard sessions is an important part of broadening top executives’ understanding of the rapidly evolving marketplace.

The Vanguard Network is a membership organization for C-suite leaders across business sectors. Read More...

Oftentimes, these types of leaders get bogged down in their own organization’s day-to-day processes or simply don’t have exposure outside of their organization to other high-performing leaders. This can be frustrating for those who want to take their leadership to the next level but don’t have the resources or lack the confidence necessary. We believe that every leader deserves to invest in themselves, which in turn leads to investing in others and long-term impact. Observing these needs in other leaders led us to the creation of the Vanguard Network. Members use the Network to expand their range of high-level contacts and other leadership resources and to build the capabilities they need to push their leadership even further. Members engage with and learn from Vanguard’s faculty of CEOs, board members, and other leadership experts, as well as one another, through exclusive conversations, conferences, and other events, and on Vanguard’s private social platform and content site, Connect. These conversations—about the real-world challenges of leading at the top, from cultivating a high-performance team to working smoothly with a board—are frank, enlightening, and rich in actionable information. Our dream is to supply the resources needed to go from: Eager to learn Wanting to advance Needing more confidence in their leadership To: A high-performing leader A successful leader Transformed and reinvented


Network membership is open to C-suite and other senior-level executives. 


Join the Vanguard Network for a unique experience of top leadership discussions, networking, rich content and an award-winning concierge service.

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