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The Healthcare CEOs of Today Coach the Top Leaders of Tomorrow at the Vanguard Forum

By Ken Banta of The Vanguard Network

Last week was the Vanguard Forum For Healthcare Leaders in New York.

It was quite the event.

David Pyott (Philips Board Member, past Chairman and CEO of Allergan) has attended perhaps hundreds of high level programs. Vanguard he said: “Was the best. Great format, great faculty.”

David is not one for overstatement, so we feel honored.

I founded the Vanguard Forum four years ago, with the mission of helping to develop the next top leaders across healthcare.

For last week’s session at two locations in Manhattan, we brought together some 70 executives — a faculty of today’s CEOs and board members, and invitation-only senior executive delegates, for a day and a half of intimate sessions and candid dialogue.

No PowerPoints, no podium. Just discussion, on topics ranging from ‘how to work with today’s board,’ to ‘mastering the trends in healthcare,’ to ‘becoming a transformational leader.' All focused on real-world leadership success at a time of accelerating change and consolidation.

The Forum was such a sustained series of learning and inspiring moments that I cannot give highlights, instead just a few memorable moments out of hundreds:

- Fred Dust of IDEO choreographing the participants in a kind of dance across a room to chart their ethical positions

- Ram Charan, the CEO and Board guru, convincing the crowd that mastering digital was now essential to CEO success

- Maura Monaghan of Debevoise laying down the law - literally - about what actions can get you in trouble in the C-Suite

- Ashley McEvoy of Johnson & Johnson with Dickie Steele of SYPartners, explaining how to lead effectively toward an unknown future.

As one of the delegates said, “The faculty, content, discussions and networking were amazing. I gained so much and made so many important contacts to help me get to the next level of leadership.”

Next: A year long curriculum of digital learning, private dinners, and other elements begins. Stay tuned!


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