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Vanguard maintains strategic alliances to deliver the highest quality combined resources to our clients.  

This approach enables greater depth and breadth of capabilities, while maintaining exceptional quality and agility.

Aspen Institute Science & Society Program Alliance

The Vanguard Network is collaborating with the Aspen Institute Science & Society Program to bring Vanguard’s hallmark Leadership Forums to young leaders inside prominent healthcare companies. These in-house Forums help participants to develop leadership capabilities, and increase their impacts in their companies and beyond.

The Aspen Institute Science & Society Program aims to promote a more diverse and engaged scientific workforce by convening experts and thought leaders in solutions-oriented strategy sessions, mobilizing a vocal constituency of science advocates, and implementing significant outreach efforts.

Opus Biotech Communications Alliance

Vanguard and Opus Biotech Communications work together to advise biotech leaders on leadership, corporate communications, and positioning. 


Vanguard brings expertise in supporting newer, as well as more experienced, Biotech CEOs and C-suite executives as they build high-performance teams and organizations.


Opus is a leader in structuring PR, IR, public policy and crisis communications campaigns, as well as constructing ethical frameworks to guide executive decision making.

Boson Dynamics Alliance

This alliance brings together HR advisory capabilities at Boson Dynamics, led by Conny Hulla, with Vanguard’s strengths in supporting leadership and organizational transformation.


Both Boson and Vanguard also bring experience working with larger and smaller EU organizations.

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