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Learning from experience: "My 3 biggest mistakes that made me a better leader"

Who better to help us launch our inaugural "Leading From Experience Series" than Mary Ann Hynes, senior counsel at Dentons and board advisor to the Vanguard Network.


Mary Ann will need no introduction to many of you. Suffice it to say that she has a number of firsts under her belt, including being the first female general counsel for a Fortune 500 company. She also pointed out to me the other day that she has worked with 17 CEOs - all at very different kinds of organizations.

This inaugural session with Mary Ann kicked off with her comments on ‘My three biggest mistakes that made me a better leader', followed by an 'open zoom' as Mary Ann offers commentary and advice on leadership challenges described by members who join the session.


All conversations were candid and closed door as no recordings were published without permission from featured members.

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