How C-Suite leaders can combat vaccination hesitancy and resistance

to help end the pandemic.

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As C-Suite leaders, we can play a vital role in overcoming the barriers that stand in the way of ending COVID 19.


We have effective vaccines.  The issues are human: hesitancy and resistance by people in our organizations and communities.


Through our leadership, we can - and must - help to change their hearts and minds.


That’s what the Vanguard Vaccination Project is all about.The Project is a turn-key set of frameworks and contents to enable your teams to act on the vaccination imperative - without reinventing the wheel.  

In videos, podcasts, communications materials and more, Experts and grass-roots leaders  deliver information and insights.  The program leverages proven attitudinal and emotional drivers, in addition to science.  Each step in the program also includes links to organizations and further material that will help.

The Vanguard Network is a membership group for C-Suite executives focused on top leadership. We are making The Vanguard Vaccination Project available for free as a public service. 

Vanguard Network Members can access the campaign tools by signing in to the membership portal.  If you are not a member, please provide your email below so that we can follow up, and work together to end the pandemic.

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