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C-suite leaders are grappling with previously unimaginable legal, ethical and practical issues when considering mandatory vaccination. Renowned ethicist Dr. Art Caplan, describes some of the landmines that leaders need to consider.

Originally taped for an audience of Chief Legal Officers and General Counsels, Dr. Caplan's advice is relevant to all those who are making decisions for their workforce.


The conversation with Art Caplan is available in three formats. Access each format by clicking below.


The Division of Medical Ethics, NYU Langone Health’s Department of Population Health works to ensure that patients are treated justly and humanely by addressing the moral and practical issues in all aspects of healthcare and biotechnology.


It aims to influence policy, foster careers in bioethics, and educate the wider community about ethical issues in healthcare through research and scholarship.


It studies a variety of bioethics issues: ethical treatment of patients, access to investigational medical products, clinical trial design, vaccine ethics and policy, transplant ethics, gender affirmation, sports and society, research ethics and integrity, end-of-life care and physician-assisted death, and scarce-resource rationing. For further information click here.

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